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Catventure: The Legacy of Water is a game featuring a cat protagonist who is to save his village by finding a never ending source of water from the long forgotten Tranquil City by navigating their way through an assortment of puzzles and light platform elements. 

The game was made by a team of 15 aspiring game developers from Finland wishing to enter the games industry. The goal for the project was to finish a game in a month and the team succeeded in reaching that goal.

People involved in the project:
Tatu Puukko
Miikka Toivola
Ville Vilhunen
Matti Vikberg
Nina Korpelainen
Anastasija Sapoval
Timo Astikainen
Solja Vuoriranta
Mikael Huhtakangas
Oskari Ikävalko
Markus Anttila
Riikka Vinkka
Henna Moll
Ville Sihvola
Okko Kervinen
and others.


Catventure The Legacy of Water by Team FlipFlop.zip 801 MB
Catventure_-_Legacy_of_Water_Game_Manual.pdf 1 MB


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Here's the manual to the game Catventure: Legacy Of Water! (Google Drive link) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ZdjHFqyEFJYayoNOkeqqRZqIMeTfCAMA/view?usp=shari...